Epiphany of the Lord

“They prostrated themselves and did him homage.” The Magi were men of great faith. Their worldly position and power could have made them scoff at the sight of this humble infant. Their treasury of wealth could have blinded them to the true value of this child king. But instead these men placed themselves at the feet of Jesus in a gesture of complete submission. Then, as a sign of their devotion, they “opened their treasures” and offered this baby costly and precious gifts. Only a deep and sincere faith could justify such a surprising scene.

Real faith often runs contrary to worldly wisdom. Without the firm belief that Jesus was the Messiah, it would seem absurd to travel all those miles and part with all that gold, much less to bow down in the presence of a poor child. But the eyes of faith can see much more than the eyes of the world alone. The Magi understood that all the prestige and possessions of the earth are nothing in comparison to the kingdom of heaven. They wanted to use their worldly wealth to give glory to the King of Kings, rather than for their own glory.

Taking the Three Kings as models, we can examine our own lives. Are we willing to “travel” for our faith, leaving our comfort zone for the sake of the Gospel? Are we willing to share our “wealth” to glorify God? Are we willing to submit our desires and plans to the authority of Christ? As we begin the journey of this New Year, let us resolve to follow in the faithful footsteps of the Magi.

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