St. Stephen’s Catholic Church

located in Anoka, Minnesota

Hospitality, warmth, and friendly reception are high priorities around here.

In the spirit of Jesus who welcomed all to be his followers, we invite you to visit St. Stephen’s, to worship with us, and if you are looking for a place you can call your parish, to consider this dynamic Catholic faith community as your spiritual home.

St. Stephen’s is one of 180+ parishes of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. With more than 4,200 registered households we are large in size, but have a warm friendly feeling thanks to:

  • Active participation of our assembly at liturgies
  • Biblically-based, inspiring preaching
  • Family-oriented school and formation programs
  • Parish clubs and activities
  • Concerned and competent staff
  • Fall Fest, Mardi Gras, and Spring Festival of Flowers Raffle, our annual parish celebrations
  • Numerous outreach ministries

All are wonderful ways to meet new friends and build Christ-centered relationships with fellow believers.

Our History

160+ years of making a difference in our community

1856: Church of St. Stephen Begins

On August 15, Father Francis Hurth celebrated the first Mass for 54 people at the home of Peter Donnelly and the parish community of The Church of St. Stephen was created.

1866: Parishioners Purchase First Building

On October 20, parishioners purchased their first building from another denomination, the Congregational Society, in order to establish the first Catholic church in the Anoka area.

1868: First Confirmation Class

The first Confirmation class of 17 young people received the sacrament from Bishop Grace. Father Prosper Mauer was the administrator here as well as the Cedar Creek Mission in Dayton.

1873: Father John McDermott Appointed

Father John McDermott was appointed the first resident pastor and, shortly after his arrival, he obtained a two-story dwelling for use as a rectory.

1876: Father William Nolan Serves

Father William Nolan served as interim pastor until the arrival of Father William McGolrick.

1878: Hays Assumes Pastorate

Father Daniel Hayes assumed the pastorate.

1879: St. Stephen’s Expands

The parish constructed a minor addition to the existing church in an effort to keep pace with growth. Plans were developed for a more permanent new church; however, these were put on hold with the untimely death of Father Hayes.

1881: School Started By the Community

Under the direction of the new pastor, Father Michael Bruton, the parish welcomed the Sisters of Mercy as teachers and caregivers for the sick of the community.  The John McDonnel home was given to the parish and converted to a convent and school. St. Anne School was dedicated in September, 1881.  A Mr. Vader was so enthusiastic about the sisters’ work that he supplied the convent with milk for 21 years.

1882: Father William Brennan Arrives

Father Daniel Reilly and Father Martin Connolly were successive pastors, and Father William Brennan arrived in 1883.

1884: Curriculum & Boarding

St. Anne School continued to develop a well-respected curriculum and charged day students $3.25 every six weeks (approximately $20 for the entire year).  Meanwhile, boarding students paid a more tidy sum of $15 per month (approximately $135 for the entire year).

1888: A New Church is Constructed

A new church was needed.  Although there was a depression, Father Brennan sought donations of building materials, and construction began on a new church that was dedicated by Archbishop Ireland on July 21, 1889.  It was officially named “St. Stephen” after the first martyr.

1891: Parishioners Rally Support & Finances

Father Thomas Duane came to St. Stephen’s when the community had fallen on hard times as the local flour mills were phasing out of existence.  Crops were poor and prices low.  Parishioners rallied their support behind a number of festivals and fund raisers, gradually wiping out a $10,000 debt and providing three altars, stone steps, church decorations, and the bell.

1904: A New Pastor is Appointed

Father Oliver Dolphin was appointed.

1918: Father Daniel McCarthy’s Leadership Begins

Father Daniel McCarthy provided pastoral leadership for the next 21 years, including weathering the years following the financial crash in 1929.

1939: Crosier Legacy Begins

Father E.S. deCoursy was pastor, and a Crosier priest from Onamia, Father James Ballemons, O.S.C. served as his assistant. This was our parish’s first contact with the Crosiers.

1945: Changes in Leadership

Father William Hart was appointed pastor, and three years later Father William Murphy was appointed pastor.

1950: St. Stephen’s Catholic School Opens

The new Church of St. Stephen School building opened and welcomed students in September.

1966: Growing Interest Leads to New Church

On June 1, the Archbishop appointed Father Karl Wittman as the new pastor and charged him with the responsibility for building a new church to meet the growing community needs.

1969: Ground Broken for Today’s Church

Ground was broken in the spring, and one year later the cornerstone was set in our present church.

1978: Leadership Changes

After 12 years of service, Father Wittman was transferred to St. Francis de Sales parish in St. Paul and Father Greg Esty followed as temporary administrator.

1979: First Crosier Paster Added

Due to the growing shortage of diocesan priests, Archbishop Roach invited the Crosier Fathers and Brothers to take over the administration and direction of the parish.  In March, Father Joseph Hennen, O.S.C. assumed the responsibilities as the first Crosier pastor of the Church of St. Stephen.

1982: The Parish Has Doubled in Size

Father James Vedro, O.S.C. succeeded Father Hennen and served for ten years. New growth to the area doubled the size of the parish between 1980 and 1990.  Lay ministers and lay leadership played an ever-increasing role in the parish.

1991: Crosier Father Paquet, O.S.C. Succeeds

Crosier Father Mike Paquet, O.S.C. succeeded Father Vedro as pastor.

1993: Parish Comprises 13,000 Members

By 1993, the parish had a population of more than 4,000 families representing over 13,000 Catholics.

1998: Church Expands to Meet Needs

Construction began in March on a $6 million project that was completed in January 1999.

2001: Father Sloun Succeeds

Father Michael A. Van Sloun succeeded Father Mike Paquet as Pastor.

2004: Church Stengthens Pastoral Focus

On July 1, 2004 the leadership of the parish transferred from the Crosier Fathers and Brothers to the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis.  Fr. Michael Van Sloun remained as pastor.

2006: St. Stephen’s Celebrates 150-year Anniversary

On August 15, St. Stephen’s Church marked its 150th Anniversary.  Our parish celebrated the occasion Sunday, August 20. The celebration began with Archbishop Harry Flynn presiding at the 11:15 a.m. Mass, followed by a family picnic at George Green Park.

2007: Generous Contributions Help Church Become Debt Free

On the weekend of June 9/10, the $7.6M (principal and interest) promissory note for the building debt was burned in a special ceremony during all Masses.  The note was paid off many years earlier than expected due to the generous contributions of our parishioners.

2013: St. Stephen’s Welcomes Fr. Jack Long as Pastor

On July 1, Fr. Jack Long succeeds Fr. Michael Van Sloun as Pastor.

2018: St. Stephen’s Welcomes Fr. Bennet Tran as Pastor

On July 1, Fr. Bennet Tran succeeds Fr. Jack Long as Pastor.