Calvary Cemetery Columbarium – Plan Ahead for End of Life Decisions

Calvary Cemetery’s newly completed columbarium, constructed of granite, offers options for a single niche (for one urn containing the cremated remains of one person) or a double niche (for two urns, each containing the cremated remains of a person).

At the top of the center “Cross” building is a bronze crucifix designed and imported from Italy. Each of the recently installed wing buildings give witness to the Evangelists of our faith. The wing buildings are named “Matthew,” “Mark,” “Luke,” and “John,” and feature an engraving of the saint with a scripture passage.

A brass plaque for each niche provides a dignified means of memorializing the deceased with an inscription of their name and years of birth and death.

A patio and benches give family and friends an opportunity to reflect on precious memories of loved ones.

A columbarium is a permanent structure made up of spaces or niches for urns containing the ashes (cremated remains) of loved ones. The word “columbarium” is derived from the Latin term “columba,” meaning “dwelling place of a dove.” The dove, of course, has long symbolized in Christian tradition the embodiment of the Holy Spirit.

Since the Vatican lifted the cremation ban in 1963, today it is not only allowed, but growing in popularity among the faithful. The full funeral liturgy with the body present is preferred by the Church. However, the Order of Christian Funerals can be celebrated in the presence of the cremated remains. Cremated remains are given the same respect as remains in a casket. The Church requires that the deceased body be treated with prayerful reverence and great dignity in recognition of its glorious future.

Benefits of Choosing the Calvary Cemetery Columbarium:

  • The columbarium structure makes it easy to locate loved ones at the cemetery, especially during the winter.
  • Cremation funeral home costs are much less expensive than traditional burial.
  • Advanced planning eliminates guesswork and financial burdens for your family.
  • Costs are more specific when choosing a columbarium inurnment option.

Purchase now at 2015 pricing before the prices go up June 1, 2019. Visit Calvary Cemetery off West Highway 10 and Thurston Avenue in Anoka.

For more information or to purchase a niche in our columbarium, please contact Mary Jane Beberg in the parish office at 763-421-2471 or email her.