Sunday Morning Enrichment

Prayer for Beginners Mini-Series by Fr. Joe Kuharski

Prayer is one of the most basic elements of a life of faith, but it isn’t always easy to do. We know that it’s essentially about a conversation with God, but oftentimes it might feel completely one-sided. Complicated methods that we might have heard about can even seem to make it worse, and it might seem like real prayer is only for the few. But prayer is not complicated, but simple, and, as St. Mother Teresa says, it is “as necessary as the air” we breathe. In Fr. Joe Kuharski’s two-part series, Prayer for Beginners, he would like to offer some simple tips and practical advice that have helped Christians develop a relationship with God, especially with the help of the Scriptures.

The sessions will be held Sundays, July 9 and 16, 9:45-10:20 a.m. in The Refuge.





 For more information or questions, please contact Katie Gebhard , or 763-712-7439.