Middle School Faith Formation

Middle School Faith Formation at St. Stephen’s is a period of going deeper in our relationship with Jesus and His Church and growing in knowledge of the Catholic Faith. It is said the more you know someone, the more you love them, and that is the goal of Middle School Faith Formation: lead the youth to a greater love of God by teaching them about Him. Through our Middle School ministry, we hope 6th-8th graders will write on their hearts Pope Francis’ words:

Jesus Christ loves you; He gave His life to save you; and now He is living at your side every day to enlighten, strengthen, and free you” (Pope Francis, EG 164).

The youth focus on a different area each year during their three years in our Middle School ministry.

  • 6th Grade- New Testament
  • 7th Grade- Life in Christ (Morality) & Theology of the Body for Teens
  • 8th Grade- The Teen Bible Timeline & Christ in the Liturgy

The catechists and the coordinator work together to incorporate Scripture, Saints, and prayer into each session and to allow time to build relationships with and between the youth every week. We utilize RCL Benziger’s Be My Disciples texts as we seek to lead the youth down the road of discipleship. We also use resources from around the world including websites such as Look to Him and Be Radiant and Pinterest. We in the Faith Formation Ministry at St. Stephen’s also seek to build a good habit in the youth of frequenting the Sacraments to receive God’s love, mercy, and grace. We encourage families to go to Mass every weekend and we also go to Mass with the parish community once or twice a year. Each grade receives the Sacrament of Reconciliation once a year during class time as well.

We would love to have you join our Middle School Faith Formation Community. We meet on Sundays from 7:15-8:45 p.m. and Wednesdays from 6:15-7:30 p.m. (families choose the day that work best for them), and sessions begin in mid-September and go through the first week of May, culminating with a May crowning of Mary. Registration begins in April and are accepted throughout the Spring and Summer. Please contact Katie Gebhard  or 763-712-7439 if you would like more information about Middle School Faith Formation.

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