“Growing Through Loss” Grief Support to be Offered at St. Stephen

St. Stephen’s Church will be hosting the “Growing Through Loss” series sponsored by the North Metro Grief Support Coalition, of which St. Stephen’s Church is a member.  All sessions feature guest speakers.  Each evening also provides the opportunity for small group sharing/discussion according to the loss that you consider dominant at the time, e.g. Loss of Spouse, Loss of Parent, Loss of Child, Loss of Sibling or Friend, Loss by Suicide.
Please plan to arrive about 6:45 p.m.  All sessions begin at 7:00 p.m. in FCC 10.
If you have never attended a grief group (or even if you have) and are interested in finding out what it is like, come.
If you want to come for just the talks or a particular talk, come.
If you would like to share with others who have had a similar loss, come.
Topics for the six Thursday evenings of Grief Support:
March 7: “The Transformative Nature of Grief” Paul Johnson
March 14: “I’ve Lost (My Son)…Please Look Up and Let’s Walk Together” Patty Brunn
March 21: “Why Aren’t You Grieving Like Me?” Linda Cherek
March 28: “Children and Grief” Marc Markell
April 4: “Navigating Complex Grief: Some Guideposts for Journeying Extraordinary Grief” Shawn and Vicky Phillips
April 11: “Prayer and Healing Service”
For more information, take a pamphlet from various racks in the Church building or the office.
Questions? Call Sister Mary Anne Schaenzer at 763-712-7441 or email her.