Introducing Hymn Boards in Mass

by Father Matthew Quail and Dr. Mary Newton

A few weeks ago, there was an article in the bulletin discussing the introduction of the Liturgy Guide to St. Stephen’s faith community. This Liturgy Guide, found on pages 2-3 of the bulletin, includes the Mass responses and hymn numbers. The article explained the reason behind the decision, namely to aid in the natural flow of the Mass and help parishioners participate more fully.

In an effort to communicate the hymn numbers in a different way, we will be adding hymn boards in the church. For those who are not familiar with a hymn board, it is a large board that will list the hymnal source and the number where it can be found (Example: Gather #225 or Worship Aid booklet/WA #20). Hymn boards can provide extra help to those worshippers who are already familiar with the Mass and just need the hymn numbers or those who might appreciate another reminder of the hymn numbers. Regardless of which situation applies to you, it is the hope that this resource can be useful to all worshippers in some way.

In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for this new resource and please give us your feedback. Together with the Liturgy Guide and hymn boards, it is our prayer that these worship tools will encourage and enhance everyone’s worship experience.