Informational Links

Recordings of Saturday evening Masses as well as other parish presentations can be found on St. Stephen’s YouTube channel.

Books on the Mass

– A Biblical Walk Through the Mass ~ Dr. Edward Sri
– Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist ~ Dr. Brant Pitre
– 7 Secrets of the Eucharist ~ Vinny Flynn
– The Lamb’s Supper ~ Dr. Scott Hahn
– Understanding the Mass (100 Questions) ~ Mike Aquilina

Other Catholic Works

– Mere Christianity ~ C.S. Lewis
– Miracles ~ C.S. Lewis
– The Case for Jesus ~ Dr. Brant Pitre
– Atheism: 20 Answers ~ Matt Fradd
– Faith and Science: 20 Answers ~ Trent Horn
– Rediscover Catholicism ~ Matthew Kelly
– Leisure, the Basis of Culture ~ Joseph Pieper
– Interior Freedom ~ Jacques Philippe
– Thirsting for Prayer ~ Jacques Philippe
– Into Your Hands, Father ~ Wilfrid Stinissen
– Prayer for Beginners ~ Peter Kreeft
– The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible (Bible with commentary from the early Fathers of the Church)

– Bishop Robert Barron’s Sermons – visit the Word on Fire website to subscribe to the podcasts.

– UMD Newman Catholic Campus Ministry – Fr. Mike Schmitz – visit the UMD Bulldog Catholic website to subscribe to the podcasts.

– Busted Halo Show with Fr. Dave Dwyer – visit the Busted Halo website to subscribe to the podcasts.