Strategic Plan Implementation Update April 2018

Our Strategic Plan was rolled out in September 2017 and we are hard at work implementing some of the ideas that were shared during the parish listening sessions. The implementation team members have been working with the commissions and the department heads to understand and prioritize the ideas specific to their initiative. The goal is to create several tactics that will create a more vibrant and amazing parish, but this all takes time and lots of participation! Remember, this is a long-range plan that will guide us over the next several years. As promised by the Strategic Plan Implementation Team, here is a report on our progress.

Following are some of the ideas that have been addressed (along with the corresponding Strategic Plan Initiatives):

• A survey of the faith formation catechists and parents has been completed. In response to the request to provide more engaging programming, middle school faith formation has started doing EDGE programming once a month. This format is similar to a youth group type of environment with games and small group discussion along with large group talks.  (Fostering Disciples)

• The Fall Fest for Education was a success for integrating the Church and School. School staff is working on new advertising material. It is hoped that it will come out before the end of the school year. (Unified Parish)

• The greeter program is undergoing changes and the Worship Commission is looking at ways to reinvigorate this ministry. (Inspiring Worship)

• The Catholic United Financial Catholic Schools Raffle was a huge success. Tickets were sold after weekend Masses, which raised the awareness of the school. It gave parishioners the opportunity to meet staff and parent volunteers from the school community. (Unified Parish)

• Adult Formation opportunities been offered, including the Parish Mission, as well as several series such as Catholic Update: The Big Picture of Christianity, A Biblical Walk through the Mass, and Alpha. (Fostering Disciples)

• The parish website will undergo a renovation. (Relevant Communications)

• The Pastoral Care Commission has identified all of the various ministries currently being offered and all of the parishioners involved. They have discussed the need to make this information more visible to the parish at large. (Expanded Pastoral Outreach)

• The English and Spanish speaking communities have worked together in several ways, including the Spring Raffle Fiesta, the Solidarity Concert, and bilingual Stations of the Cross. (Unified Parish)

• The Worship Aid was updated to include more uplifting and joyful music. (Inspiring Worship)

Members of the Strategic Plan Committee will be present in the Faith Community Center following all Masses April 7/8 to answer questions and listen to your feedback. The strategic plan is a work in progress and the implementation of ideas is ongoing. There is much more to come and we will continue to keep you updated!