Adult Enrichment Series/Events

Catholicism 101

Come and see what the Catholic Church is all about by going deeper into the Teachings of the Church!

Catholicism 101 is a chance to explore the Catholic faith, or to catch up on what you might have missed when you were in CCD, religion class, or faith formation back in the day!

Held on the following Wednesdays from 6:15-7:30 p.m. in FCC 10.  You may register for the first session at Sign Up Genius .

(Presenters: St. Stephen’s Clergy and Staff)

10/23:    Why do we believe in God and why do we need faith?

11/6:       Who is Jesus and why is He here?

11/20:    How the Holy Spirit is alive in the Church and in our lives!

12/4:     How do I learn more about this God who has revealed Himself?

12/18:   How to prepare and celebrate Christmas as a Catholic!

1/15:      Where did we come from? Looking at Church history!

1/29:     Let’s talk about the book on the shelf: How to study the Scriptures!

2/5:       What makes us Catholic? The four marks of the Church!

2/19:     How does a calendar make us holy? The Liturgical Year!

3/4:       How to stay connected to Jesus through His Church: The Sacraments

3/25:     Is Jesus truly present in the Eucharist?

4/1:        Why did Jesus give us the Mass?

4/15:      How do we participate in Mass?

4/29:      Christ heals through His Church: Confession and Anointing!

5/13:      How do we serve Christ with our lives? Marriage and Holy Orders!

5/27:      Does my faith matter in the real world? Catholic Social Teaching!

6/10:      Social!

Come for all sessions, or just come for the topics that interest you the most and bring a friend or two!

Catholicism 101 is a chance to dig deeper into the teachings of the Catholic Church regardless of how much experience and knowledge you have with Christianity and/or the Catholic faith. Catholicism 101 is a great opportunity for any Catholic who would like to go deeper into the teachings of the Catholic Church and/or any adult who is interested in becoming Catholic, curious about Catholicism, or a baptized Catholic adult who has not yet received First Communion and/or Confirmation.

On the weeks that Catholicism 101 does not meet, you are invited to join a small faith-sharing group if you choose to. More information on faith-sharing small groups will be given out on the first night of Catholicism 101 (October 23).

If you have any questions about the series or are interested in leading a faith-sharing small group, please contact Faith for Life Director, Maredith Toweh , or call 763-712-7439.

To sign up for the first session of Catholicism 101, call the parish office at 763-421-2471 or you may sign up online at Sign Up Genius .



Alpha Series

Got questions about life? Try Alpha!

Alpha is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith over food, an engaging video, and a small group discussion. Alpha is open to all—parishioners and guests! Millions of people have tried Alpha in 169 countries, and the course has been translated into 112 different languages.

We have offered the Alpha series a number of times at St. Stephen. Our fall 2019 series will be held Sunday mornings at 9:35 a.m. in the Faith Community Center beginning September 29 and ending December 8.

We ask for your prayerful support for the Alpha leaders and participants:

Heavenly Father,
We entrust the Alpha course to you.
We pray for those who are searching for meaning in their lives and want to know who You are.
May they encounter You through the radical hospitality, the video presentations, and the small group discussions of Alpha.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Alpha sessions build on topics from previous session(s), but you are welcome to join any sessions you would like.


Session Topics

Is There More to Life than This?

Who is Jesus?

Why did Jesus Die?

How can I have Faith?

Why and How Should I Pray?

Why and How Should I Read the Bible?

W: Weekend Session – Tentatively set for November 16

W1:  How Does God Guide Us?

W2:  Who is the Holy Spirit?

W3:  What does the Holy Spirit Do?

W4:  How Can I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?

How Does God Guide Us?

How can I Resist Evil?

Why and How Should I Tell Others?

Does God Heal Today?/What About the Church?

Alpha Testimony with Father Matt Shireman from Proclaim on Vimeo.


In March and April of 2019, St. Stephen’s parish hosted an informative series called What to Do: A Conversation on Life and Death Issues.
On March 12, Monsignor Steven Rohlfs was our guest speaker and his topic was Respecting Life at its End: Principles and Problems. Monsignor Rohlfs his doctorate in moral theology and shared with us Catholic moral teaching on the meaning of life, the meaning of death, and examined real-world cases when cases were not so clear-cut. We invite you to watch this engaging and informative presentation  on Facebook.



On Monday, April 8, 2019, Fr. Matt Shireman served as one of our parish mission speakers. He shared information about particular types of prayer that one could offer throughout the course of the day.

The evening concluded with a Taizé prayer service led by Fr. Matthew Quail, Maredith Toweh (Director of Faith for Life), and parish musicians. St. Stephen’s parish was fortunate to have been able to display the Taizé cross during our parish mission.

We invite you to watch this parish mission presentation and prayer service on Facebook.