St. Stephen’s Youth Ministry seeks to develop youth in their walk towards discipleship and leadership through dynamic, relational, Christ-centered programming. We seek to build strong leaders in the Catholic Church and in the community through challenging opportunities that allow them to use the talents and gifts that they have received.

Now more than ever, today’s young people desire authenticity with their Catholic faith in an environment in which they can become closer disciples of Jesus with other peers and adult mentors.

St. Stephen’s Catholic Community is excited to introduce YDisciple, an online youth ministry program for high school youth. Discipleship-based small groups in this program allow our young people to learn more about the Catholic faith, to become equipped to exercise the faith in their daily lives, and to walk with each other in friendships that prayerfully endure for a lifetime.

Each small group consists of 6-8 teens with one adult leader or “mentor” to help guide their small group discussions.

Due to the global health crisis, formation classes at St. Stephen’s are accessible through an online platform. YDisciple small groups will meet on Zoom every other week in the evenings throughout the school year.

To learn more about the YDisciple program, please visit YDisciple.com.

Please visit the “Register” page to enroll your youth in their Youth Ministry small group for the 2020-2021 school year and to receive further details! (NOTE: To participate in YDisciple, your child must have already received the Sacrament of Confirmation. If your child has not yet been confirmed, please contact Barry McCullough.

Our new Youth Minister Molly Rausch will be facilitating the YDisciple program for this upcoming school year.  Please contact Molly Rausch or Maredith Toweh if you have any questions.