Who is the CORE Team?

The CORE Team is a group of Catholic youth from the parish and school that have applied and been accepted to hold a leadership role in the St. Stephen’s Catholic Community youth ministry program.  The job of the Youth Minister (Molly Rausch) is, as the title clearly says, to minister to the youth, and what better way to do that than to have the help of the youth themselves.  This year we are looking for a group of enthusiastic middle schoolers and high schoolers to make up this team.  Middle schoolers and high schoolers will work both separately and together to plan events that are specifically for their age group and for the youth of the parish as a whole.


Why apply to join the CORE Team?

This is a terrific opportunity for youth to grow in fellowship with others their age from the parish and school, leadership skills, and most importantly grow in their faith. 


CORE Team Commitment

As with any leadership role, there is a level of commitment that is necessary.  By applying you are saying you will do all you can to attend the 1 CORE Team meeting a month, as well as events put on by St. Stephen’s Catholic Community youth ministry, especially ones you help plan, etc.  Youth events are mostly on Wednesdays and other meetings can be negotiated when we get our team together.  Keep this in mind when filling out the application. 


Please prayerfully consider applying to the team!  We would love to have you!