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Schedule for Liturgical Ministers

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Interested In Liturgical Ministry?

Liturgical ministers serve the worshipping assembly in a variety of ways. Musicians, lectors, extraordinary ministers of holy communion, hospitality ministers, ushers and altar servers are always needed for weekend Masses and sacramental celebrations. Artists and decorators are needed to envision and create the environment in which those celebrations take place.

St. Stephen’s has over 700 active liturgical ministers.

Exploring Child Care for Wednesday Evening Adult Choir Rehearsal

As the Adult Choir begins a new year of exciting music ministry, we are currently exploring the possibility of providing childcare during the weekly Wednesday 7:30-8:30 p.m. rehearsal. Additionally, there also might be the option to have childcare during the Mass in which the choir is singing.

If you are interested in joining the Adult Choir but childcare is a concern, please contact the parish office (763-421-2471) or Mary Newton at ( to indicate interest in this potential opportunity.

We are excited for this new year of ministry and are working towards options that make it easier for interested singers to participate. Please indicate your interest no later than Monday, September 23. At that time, we will assess the feedback and make a decision regarding this possibility.



Music Ministry Opportunities


Cantors lead the assembly in sung prayer at weekend and holiday liturgies.  Cantors must be trained in music and be knowledgeable about Catholic tradition or willing to learn.

Please contact Aaron VanDanacker or Mary Newton with any questions or to express interest.


Music Ensembles

No experience is necessary to join the choir. The only requirements are a love of music and the ability to spread joy to those around you! Music is not a natural-born talent that some people possess and others do not. Music is a skill that is acquired through time, dedication, and risk-taking. Our choirs are a safe place where all voices are welcome and cherished, no matter their experience level. Our choirs are built on a foundation of community and seek to minister through joy. This is a safe place to grow your voice and take your love of music to new heights.. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Aaron VanDanacker or call (763) 712-7490.  We look forward to overflowing the choir area with joyful noise and smiling faces!


Youth Choir rehearses every Wednesday, 5:30-6:00 p.m.

Teen Choir rehearses every Wednesday, 6:15-7:15 p.m.

Adult Choir rehearses every Wednesday, 7:30-8:30 p.m.

Beginning in October, there will be a pick up choir for a men’s group and a women’s group.  More information to come!


Handbells Ensemble

Have you been secretly hoping that one day you could be in a handbell ensemble? Well, here is your opportunity! Our handbell ensemble will be starting rehearsals this fall and we would love to have new ringers join the ensemble.

Terri Renner, the previous handbell director, retired at the beginning of the summer after a long and wonderful tenure at St. Stephen’s Catholic Church. Until we can find a permanent replacement, it has been decided to have an interim director and that person will be Phil Smithley. Phil has some connections to St. Stephen’s: Phil is the St. Stephen’s School Band Director, his wife Emily is the St. Stephen’s Liturgy Director and both Phil and Emily were frequent handbell substitutes last year in the ensemble.

Please stay tuned for more information about the start date. In the meantime, to express interest in joining the handbell ensemble, please contact Phil Smithley at


For additional questions about St. Stephen’s Music Ministry, contact: Music Director, Email   Mary Newton or call 763-712-7435.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist in distributing the body and blood of Christ.  Each minister is part of a team serving at Mass. Communion ministers are commissioned to serve for six years.  Many ministers are required for this large parish and training is provided.

Anyone interested in serving will be put in touch with one of the priests for a meeting. If that person discerns that they are ready to serve after this meeting, one of the priests will have a formal commissioning session for them. This commissioning session usually takes place after one of the weekend Masses. Then the new minister will be paired with an experienced minister for some mentoring and training.

This ministry is open to teenagers and adults who have celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Teenagers must be 16 years or older.

Contact: Worship Associate, Email Amanda Lutes or call 763-712-7458.

Ushers welcome people to the celebration of Mass, encourage participation and reverence through leadership, take up the collection during the Preparation of Gifts, and guide worshippers during the communion procession. Each usher is part of a team serving at Mass.

Contact: Worship Associate, Email Amanda Lutes or call 763-712-7458.

Altar Servers are needed to assist the Presider and the assembly at each liturgy. This ministry is open to all in the parish grade 5 through adults. New servers are trained each year and update training is provided for specific liturgies of the Christmas and Easter seasons. (Adults provide server ministry for parish funerals.)

Contact: Worship Associate, Email Amanda Lutes or call 763-712-7458.

The lector’s role is to proclaim the Word of God in the Sacred Scriptures at Sunday Mass. They also read the pulpit announcements, as well as petitions. When the Word is proclaimed in the Church, it is God who speaks to the people, and it is Christ, present in his Word.

This ministry is open to teenagers and adults. Training and updates are provided as necessary for good proclamation.

Contact: Worship Associate, Email Amanda Lutes or call 763-712-7458.

Baptism Ministers assist the priest or deacon at Baptisms on Sunday afternoon approximately once every six weeks.  They arrive 30 minutes prior to the Baptism to set up items needed and welcome the families whose children are being baptized.  They assist the presider during the Baptism Liturgy with readings, prayers, and lighting candles.

Contact: Worship Associate, Email Amanda Lutes or call 763-712-7458.

Environment & Art and Art Decorating Team
This group is responsible for changing the Worship environment for each of the liturgical seasons during the year.  Meetings are held to create plans and decorate the church.  The group includes crafts people, carpenters, artistic decorators, florists, and seamstresses.

Contact: Worship Associate, Email Amanda Lutes or call 763-712-7458.