Confirmation Program

To cultivate a relationship with Jesus Christ - receiving the Holy Spirit to be Christ for others.

Meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-7:30 pm in the FCC at St. Stephen’s. No distance learning available.

To grow in relationship with Jesus and others, we use a Chosen curriculum and small groups for faith discussions.

NOTE: St. Stephen's changed it's Confirmation program in 2020 (moving the possibility of celebrating the Rite from 10th grade to 8th grade).

6th grade Confirmation Prep Year (using Alpha Program)

7th grade Confirmation Year 1

8th grade Confirmation Year 2 (with the possibility of the Rite of Confirmation).

9th through 12th graders "Confirmation Plus" (are placed in small groups more their age)

COSTS: $90 per student (Family max of $270)
See more information on Confirmation


Email Barry McCullough with questions.


6th Grade Retreat - 1 night TBD
YEAR 1: 1-Day Retreat - 7th Grade and up 
If can't make Weekend Retreat must do a Net Ministry at another Parish. 1-Day Retreat Alterante Options. Parent must contact, pay and then email me your choice.
YEAR 2: Weekend Retreat - Those being Confirmed in Spring and in 8th grade to 12th grade.
If can't make Weekend Retreat must do a Net Ministry  Net Ministry Weekend Retreats
RETREAT COST:  $175 for 2021 Nov 12-14 in Onomia.