For Candiates being Confirmed this Spring

Everything in blue is a link of items that need to be done BEFORE being Confirmed.


Saturday, April 29, 10am, 2023 Basilica, Minneapolis (arrive at 9:15pm)

SEATING: 4 guranteed seats- 1 for Confirmand Candidate, 1 for Sponsor, 1 for Mom, 1 for Dad (additional family can be in general seating)

Confirmand Readiness Survey  - DUE Feb 1st

Readiness Survey  |  COMPLETED  - This is to see where you're at in discerning a spring Confirmation.

Sponsor Eligibility Form   - DUE Feb 1st

Confirmands need select a sponsor, that is a practicing Catholic (fill out eligibility form), to do two activities  – either In-person, by video, or by phone.

Sponsor Eligibility Form.pdf - Sponsor fill's out and hands into their Home Parish for approval (then it's mailed to St. Stephen's).


Saint Selection  - DUE April 1st

Saint Name Selector  |  COMPLETED - Everyone must select a Saints name to use during the Rite of Confirmation.


#1 Sponsor Confirmation Activity  - DUE April 1

BEFORE MEETING: Send to sponsor and watch the two videos on Confirmation
Video #1: Confirmation - Flame of Faith
Video #2: Bishop Barron on the Sacrament of Confirmation

TO DO: Print Off Reflection Questions  1-Sponsor Confirmation_QUESTIONS.pdf

DURING MEETING: Meet either In-person, by video, or by phone (discuss & take notes)

TO DO: Fill out Sponsor Confirmation Reflection Form (after meeting)
1-Sponsor Confirmation_REFLECTION   |   COMPLETED

#2 Sponsor Mass Activity - DUE April 1st

TO DO: Attend the SAME Mass with each other OR watch the SAME Mass Online.

TO DO: Print Off Meeting Questions   2-Sponsor Mass_QUESTIONS.pdf

DURING MEETING: Review the Gospel from Website (discuss & take notes)

TO DO:  Fill out Sponsor Mass Reflection Form (after meeting)

Letter to Pastor  - DUE April 1st

Letter to Pastor_FORM  |  COMPLETED

Thank You Note for Your Catechist  - DUE May 1

Thank You Note to Catechist_FORM  |   COMPLETED


Rite of Confirmation Preparation Event - Wed, April 26, 6-7:30pm

For candidates, parents, and sponsors (if available) to practice for the Rite.
Confession with multiple Priests available.

Confession BEFORE being Confirmed - DUE 1 to 14 days before being Confirmed

Receive the Holy Spirit with a clean soul. Review the pdfs below, then go to Reconciliation before the Confirmation Sacrament.
How to go to Confession  |   Examination of Conscience

St. Stephen's Confession Times:
Wed: 7pm |  Sat 3:30-4:30pm  |  Sun: 9:30-10:15am

Dress Code for Confirmation

Candidates, sponsors and family are to dress united as followers of Christ - reflecting humility and modesty. Let the focus be on God’s grace and gift to His disciples and not to create distractful or sinful attention. 
Dress Code List