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Confirmation- Classes & Highlights 2023-24


1 - Parent Meeting (for new students)   17 Classes = 11 Chosen Lessons + 6 Topic Nights

NOTE: *Schedule is subject to change.

Sept 13: TOPIC 1: Growing in Faith (Students and Parents)

Sept 27: Class Lesson 14- “Why have I been Chosen?” (Sealed and Sent in Confirmation)

Oct 11: Class Lesson 15- “Why do I have to go to Mass?” (Encountering Jesus in the Eucharist)

Oct 25: TOPIC 2: Speaker Presentation (Students and Parents)

Nov 1: Class AND Mass- Lesson: The Saints | 7pm All Saints Day Mass (Parents Join)

NOV 10-12: Retreat Weekend - Dunrovin, Stillwater for Students being Confirmed this spring

Nov 15: Class Lesson 16- “What does it mean to say, I do?” (Marriage, a Sign of God’s Love)

Nov 29: TOPIC 3: Speaker Presentation (Students and Parents)

Dec 13: Class Lesson 17- “Who’s Calling?” (Holy Orders & Vocational Discernment)

JAN 5: 1 Day Retreat- Saturday 8:30am to 12:30pm at St. Stephens
for Grades 6th, 7th & First Year Students of grades 8th-11th.

Jan 10: TOPIC 4: Speaker Presentation (Students and Parents)

Jan 24: Class Lesson 19- “Who is Mary?” (Meeting the Mother of God-and Your Heavenly Family)
            PCYI (Safety)

Feb 7: Class Lesson 20- “What would Jesus do?” (The Beatitudes as a Path to True Happiness)

Ash Wednesday - Feb 14, 2024

Feb 21: TOPIC 5: Speaker Presentation (Students and Parents)

Mar 6:  Class Lesson 21- “Do I have what it takes?” (Building Virtue- Your Spiritual Workout)

Mar 20: Class Lesson 22- “Why wait?” (God’s Plan for Love and Sex)

Easter - Mar 31, 2024

APRIL 1 CONFIRMATION MATERIALS DUE (email Barry for an extension)

Apr 3: TOPIC 6: Speaker Presentation (Students and Parents)

Apr 17: Class Lesson 23- “Building the kingdom?”(Saying “Yes to  Mission of Christ and His Church)

May 1: Class Lesson 24- “Where do I go from here?” (The Journey Continues)

Wednesday, May 15: Confirmation Rite Preparation Event   6-8pm, Main Church*
(for Candidates, Parents & Sponsors-if possible)

Sunday, May 19: Rite of Confirmation - 2pm at Cathedral in St. Paul