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Christmas Basket Program

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Christmas Basket Program

St. Stephen’s parish receives requests from parishioners, community members, social service organizations and schools to assist families in need of food and gifts for Christmas.  Parishioners can “sponsor” families and provide a Christmas Basket by purchasing food, toys, clothing, etc.

We are in need of many “sponsors” to assist these families in need.

Sponsors do not need to be members of St. Stephen’s Church.  Anyone is welcome to sponsor, as we have received applicants from throughout Anoka County.

To be a sponsor means to buy gifts which can be selected from a family’s wish list.  You can also choose to purchase food for the family.

Other ways of helping with Christmas Baskets this year are:

Make a cash donation – this is used to pay for food for those who are not sponsored for food.

Donate a NEW BOOK, TOY, or GAME – these are given to families with children who have not been sponsored.

If you are interested in helping, please contact the parish office at 763-421-2471.

Thank you for your generosity!

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