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Women of St. Stephen's

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Women of St. Stephen's

Who We Are

Our goal is to help the women of St. Stephen’s Catholic Community fulfill the call to seek, love, and serve Jesus Christ. We are open to women of all ages and walks of life. We desire to meet the spiritual needs of the St. Stephen's Catholic Community women and to grow in faith together.

What We Offer

We offer regular meetings centered around an area of faith to provide continuation of personal growth and education for the women of our parish.  A short presentation is generally given and includes open discussion, followed by group socialization and an opportunity to grow in community. Our current event calendar with details is below. 

Annual Community Events

- For Kids Only Christmas Shop: Held the first Sunday in December, our For Kids Only Christmas Shop provides an opportunity for children to purchase gifts for the (adult) loved ones in their lives. Throughout November the Women of St. Stephen's work on craft projects and welcome donations used as gifts in the shop. There is an evening of set-up on the Friday before the shop and then children can shop before, between, or after Mass on Sunday morning. Volunteers are needed to help make crafts, organize and set up, help children shop, and wrap gifts. Additional information to be provided by St. Stephen's Catholic Community via the weekly parish e-newsletter, weekend bulletin, and social media outlets throughout November. Due to the global health crisis, this event has been canceled for the year 2020.

- Pro-Life Baby Shower: This annual event is held each April during the morning meeting. Donations of baby clothes and other baby necessities are collected and donated to a women’s shelter or pro-life organization. Due to the global health crisis, this event has been canceled for the year 2021.

Current Calendar

In these years of uncertainty, we want to provide an opportunity for women to stay connected to the parish community and be fed spiritually. 

How to Join the Women of St. Stephen's

Attend any meeting during the year or email us. We welcome women of all ages, as often and at any time they wish to join us!   

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