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Women of St. Stephen's

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Women of St. Stephen's

Who We Are

Our goal is to help the women of St. Stephen’s Church fulfill the call to seek, love, and serve Jesus Christ. We are open to women of all ages and walks of life. We desire to meet the spiritual needs of all of the women of the parish and to grow in faith and community together.

2019-2020 Calendar (printable PDF)

What We Offer

We offer monthly morning meetings that center around a particular area of the faith or focused on the continued personal growth and education of the women of the parish. Our monthly meetings are held from 9:30-11:00 a.m. the second Tuesday of every month between September and May. All meetings have time set aside to socialize and grow in community. We also use our November meeting to work on craft projects for our For Kids Only Christmas shop.  All morning meetings have free childcare available.

Women of St. Stephen’s will also hold monthly evening events from September through May. These are faith-centered events, usually focusing on a specific topic with a short presentation and plenty of discussion.

The Women of St. Stephen’s will be meeting meeting Tuesday, March 19 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in The Refuge. Our topic will be Celebration of Faith: What’s Cool about Being Catholic. This will be an evening to discover the many wonderful things the Catholic Church has contributed to our world and what makes us stand out as Catholics.

Women of St. Stephen’s also offers two yearly service projects. For Kids Only is held the first Sunday of December. For Kids Only is a Christmas shop for children to purchase gifts for their parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles, or any special adult in their life. Women of St. Stephen’s makes crafts for this event as well as welcomes donations to be used as gifts. There is an evening of set-up on the Friday before the shop and then children can shop before, between, or after Mass on Sunday morning. Volunteers are needed to help make crafts, organize and set-up, help children shop, and wrap gifts. More information can be found in the bulletins or on Facebook during the month of November.   Our second yearly service project is a Pro-Life baby shower held during our morning meeting in April. Donations of baby clothes and other baby necessities are collected and donated to a women’s shelter or pro-life organization.

What do I need to do to join Women of Wonder?

All you need to do to join is come to any meeting during the year; we welcome women of all ages as often and at any time they wish to join us!   For more information, you may email the group.

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