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Music Ministry

Music Ministry Opportunities


Cantors lead the assembly in sung prayer at weekend and holiday liturgies. Cantor training sessions are available seasonally. Whether you are an experienced singer or are seeking a way to support the community you love through song, cantor ministry is a volunteer ministry for all. Please contact  Courtney Young, Director of Music, with any questions or to express interest.


No experience is necessary to join the choir. The only requirements are a love of music and the ability to spread joy to those around you! Music is not a natural-born talent that some people possess and others do not. Music is a skill that is acquired through time, dedication, and risk-taking. Our choirs are a safe place where all voices are welcome and cherished, no matter their experience level. Our choirs are built on a foundation of community and seek to minister through joy. This is a safe place to grow your voice and take your love of music to new heights. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Courtney Young in the parish office. We look forward to overflowing the choir area with joyful noise and smiling faces!












For additional questions about St. Stephen’s Music Ministry,

contact Courtney Young, Director of Music. 

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